RedBranch fight obesity and promote health by helping children & young people to have a healthy diet and be physically active. Our work includes:

RedBranch are a registered charity (CHY 17694) based in Ireland.

RedBranch News

Peer to Peer: School Fruit Micro Business

December 2, 2012

The RedBranch school-fruit micro-business is a peer-led initiative that helps senior students to promote fruit to their younger peers. The initiative is basically a small business run by students – who are responsible for the ordering, marketing and distribution of the fruit. The programme encourages the consumption of fruit during the school day and leads […]

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Healthy Halloween Resources for Parents

October 27, 2012

We created a range of Halloween resources for parents over at our Parents for Health site, including: Healthy Halloween Recipes, Halloween Games and Facts About Halloween. We also introduced parents to the Switch Witch, a friendly witch who keeps kids healthy by swapping sweets and junk food for small gifts and coins.

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Scale of Global Diabetes Epidemic: 347 Million

July 28, 2012
Diabetes linked to poor diet and being inactive

A major international study collating and analyzing worldwide data on diabetes since 1980 has found that the number of adults with the disease reached 347 million in 2008, more than double the number in 1980. Type 2 diabetes is closely linked to poor diet and inadequate levels of physical activity – being more common in […]

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Parents for Health

July 15, 2012
Family walking on path holding hands smiling

In June 2011 RedBranch launched a pilot initiative for parents in the UK & Ireland. The initiative is called Parents for Health and will empower parents to change family lifestyle habits. Parents have a key role to play in preventing chronic disease in the next generation. The initiative will give parents the necessary support to make positive changes, and will create a social support structure for parents to help make lifestyle changes sustainable.

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Increasing Physical Activity: Focus on How, not Why

June 1, 2012
cycling for health

Sedentary lifestyles are a major health issue, being linked to the on-going global obesity epidemic. In a new study, University of Missouri researchers found that healthy adults who received interventions focused on behaviour-changing strategies significantly increased their physical activity levels. Conversely, interventions based on cognitive approaches, which try to change knowledge and attitudes, did not […]

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